Healing with the Angels: Harnessing the Power of Your Spiritual Team

Navigating the Akashic Records: Personalized Guidance and Healing with Vandana

Know your Spiritual Team

- Your spiritual team is the benevolent forces surrounding you, offering unconditional love and guidance.

I will serve as the conduit for angelic frequencies that carry the wisdom of the ages, the comfort of the cosmos, and the transformative power that only a connection with the angels can provide.

How you will connect with your

“Spiritual Team?”

During the Session, I will invite your spiritual team to touch the core of your being and uplift your spirit. Your spiritual team works in tandem with my healing modalities to:

Setbacks, failures, or challenges are part and parcel of life, but the problem arises if these things become constant. Then you have to find the reason for that. And that's where "Navigating Akashic Records" comes to your aid.

Dissolve energetic blockages that may be hindering your spiritual and emotional well-being.

Align your energetic centers, ensuring a harmonious flow of divine energy throughout your body.

Infuse your aura with vibrancy, protecting you from external energies.

Enhance your inner glow.

Connect you to higher

states of consciousness.

How you can book a “Healing with the Angels” Session?

How you can book a “Healing with the

Angels” Session?

Book your Session in just 4 steps

  • This one-on-one Session provides you with insights and resolutions that are both practical and spiritually enriching.
  • The additional healing service ensures holistic spiritual and personal development by offering a harmonized balance of knowledge and wellness.
  • Whether you're seeking understanding, guidance, or healing, the "Navigating Akashic Records" session is bound to help.

How the session will be conducted

This is a one-on-one session occurring online. You can access the service from the comfort of your home.

  • DURATION 90 Minutes (Each Session)n

  • PRICE $250

Hear from My Satisfied Clients

“Vandana liberated me and gave a completely new perspective which has changed life in the most beautiful way for me."

Delnaz Engineer

“I thanked her from bottom of my heart. I had previous healing experiences with different healers but the day she worked on me, she shook me to my core.”

Sandhya Sharan

“You are wonderful spirit..and the divine guidance you receive is so apparent , and authentic.”

John Hunter

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