Vandana Sinha

Master Your Energy Field

Discover the Path to Clarity, Purpose, and Balance

Master Your Energy Field

Discover the Path to Clarity, Purpose, and Balance

VanSinha LLC offers a sanctuary for those spanning a wide array of life's challenges—from professionals grappling with career and financial dilemmas to individuals on a quest for personal and spiritual enlightenment. Our bespoke services, including intimate spiritual consultations, transformative workshops (Clearing Pathways, Soul Blueprint Mastery and VibeCraft) and rejuvenating Full Moon meditations, are meticulously crafted to meet the distinct needs of women and men, single mothers, leaders, and entrepreneurs alike.

We are steadfast in our mission to empower our clients to gracefully navigate life’s transitions, ensuring a seamless integration of their aspirations with overall well-being. Our expertise in energy field mastery and tailored guidance positions VanSinha LLC as a beacon for those seeking a life marked by balance, purpose, and profound understanding.

For anyone looking to surmount personal barriers or forge deeper connections, we provide the necessary support and resources to embark on a journey filled with clarity and self-discovery. VanSinha LLC stands as your guiding light towards a life enriched with clarity, purpose, and equilibrium.

Comprehensive Services

Unlock the Secrets to More Balanced and Happier Life

Personal Healing Session by Vandana Sinha

Personal Healing Sessions

If you are seeking deeper self-awareness & personal growth

Workshops & Coaching By Vandana Sinha

Workshops and Coaching

If you want to master Quantum Healing tools & techniques

Speaking Engagements

If you need me to inspire people at your event

"I have taken many courses, meditated for years, read many books, and had many teachers. My life was great. But for all my growth, I felt like there was still an invisible barrier I was bumping up against and unable to pass. By the second day of the course, I knew that with Van's help I had in fact, shattered that glass ceiling of limitation-my client/workload exploded and new romance came out of nowhere. I can feel that I am operating at a whole new level, I have the tools to keep raising that bar!"

Jimmy Deer

Music Producer

The Akashic Manifesto

Want to learn Quantum ManifestationTechniques?

Download Now and Learn the Quantum Healing Techniques for Living Your Highest Potentials

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Tune into the latest podcast appearances where Vandana dives deep into the realms of Quantum Consciousness and The Akashic Records

Excellent Transformative Conversations

Watch Vandana's interviews on energy healing and life balance with spiritual pioneers and thought leaders, exploring the journey to purpose.

Close Up Radio

Vandana demystifies Quantum Healing, empowering exploration of personal energy fields for growth and enlightenment.

Global Platforms

Vandana's impactful speaking engagements, including her notable presence at The UFOlogy World Congress and the Women Economic Forum

Media Appearances

An enlightening conversation exploring Quantum Consciousness and its intertwining with Akashic wisdom.

Press Features

Vandana Sinha's transformative work on spiritual growth and energy mastery featured in top publications.

Global Recognition

USA Country Chair @ G100 - Healing Circles

Vandana Sinha proudly serves as the USA Country Chair for the G100 Healing Circles, a prestigious position that underscores her commitment to leading transformative healing initiatives on a global scale.

Vandana Sinha - G100 Healing Circle

Hear from Our Satisfied Clients

Ray Cordier

Ray Cordier

“I highly recommend Master Vandana's guidance, regardless of where you are in your spiritual journey. ”

Nita George

Nita George

“Vandana always practices what she preaches, which gave me the confidence to sign up for her workshops.”

Kimi Shaabi

Kimi Shaabi

“I hope Vandana reaches many, many, many people and empowers them the way she has empowered us.”

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Quantum Consciousness and The Akashic Records
Quantum Harmony Meditation
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